SB 1391


On June 17th, 2013, fifteen-year-old Daniel Marsh confessed to the premeditated, well-planned torture, murder, and mutilation of two senior citizens in the quiet middle-class neighborhood of Davis, California. The killer had a long history of antisocial and violent behavior and had fantasized about torturing and murdering people. “Every time I look at someone I see images of killing them in terrible ways,” Marsh told the officers during his hours-long confession.  

While they were sleeping, my grandparents, Claudia Maupin and Oliver "Chip" Northup Jr., became his first victims when he entered their home through an open window on the first floor.  In his own words, the murderer left the crime scene feeling "exhilarated" and went out several more times in the coming weeks to kill someone else.  

Today, we are faced with the distinct possibility that despite a jury finding him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and a judge finding him fit to be tried and sentenced as an adult, the confessed and convicted murderer may go free in May of 2022 after serving just 9 years of his 52-year sentence. 


Senate Bill 1391 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in 2018, 5 years after the double homicide and the murderer's conviction. It prevents juveniles under age 16 from being prosecuted in adult court and makes them eligible for release upon turning 25 with no parole or oversight, free to live anywhere in the US. Due to this blanket law, my grandparents' murderer may be released from incarceration upon turning 25 in less than a year. 

Would you want this confessed killer living in your neighborhood? In your children's park? In your parent's house slowly opening the window to follow his carefully detailed, written out execution plan?

We, the families of Claudia Maupin, are asking for an uproar, a community outcry, and a social movement. We are angry at a system that does not protect the victims of violent crimes. Along this journey, we have met other families who have been impacted by this Bill and these laws. You can find their stories on this website as well. 


We deserve better and everyone in this country needs to know what is happening in California. Similar bills are already being introduced in other states across this country. 


We are launching a Social Media Video Campaign to raise awareness about this Senate Bill and how it is impacting families across the country.